What Cheer, Netop

in the 1990s, What Cheer started selling antiques
and vintage goods in Providence, RI and over time shifted
our focus to vinyl records. we closed our doors as a
retail shop in May of 2017 and now sell on the internet,
our Rock And Roll Yard Sales and by appointment.

what cheer logo

see What Cheer’s Discogs listings for vinyl LPs, 45rpm
records, Cassettes, and 8-Track Tapes. we also have shellac
78rpm records listed separately, so click here for
What Cheer’s 78rpm records on Discogs.

discogs logo

we also sell on Etsy where are listings include a
variety of things, including vintage clothing, accessories
costume jewelry, books, vinyl records and more.
click here for What Cheer’s listings on Etsy

etsy logo

and while we prefer selling on Discogs and Etsy
over eBay, we also do sell there as well. we have two
different eBay pages, one mostly for records and similar
items, the other for antiques and vintage items.

and we’re on social media


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3 responses to “What Cheer, Netop

  1. bengladstone1

    So sorry to see that you’re no longer on Thayer – was Brown University the landlord that pushed you out? I’m a student, and, if our school was responsible for this, I at least think that the student body should know about it so that we can tell the administration how unacceptable this is. I wish you all the best with your new model.

    • sorry we’re just seeing this. while Brown is definitely partially responsible for stores like us leaving Thayer, in this case, it was our landlord, Steve Lewinstein / Capstone Properties. their greed and lack of vision has turned Thayer into a lame food court. But Brown is in on this game as well – the street’s developers / small handful of owners wheel and deal with one another like a real life game of Monopoly, only with $ as the end goal, making it more and more difficult for locally owned independent retail shops like What Cheer to survive on the street.

  2. Boo hiss on them. I loved your store, and my guilty pleasure was the chest of drawers with hundreds of surprises in the drawers.

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