_ 78 RPM

What Cheer sells All Sorts of Records, including
old 78rpm Records! Most record sellers ignore this very
fragile and somewhat obscure format, but we love ’em
and have some listed here in a Discogs store.

Joe Thomas 4367 A-Side

78s are the Very 1st Records ever Made.
Other ways of reproducing sound predate the record
but that’s where our interest and inventory begins. the first
records date back to the 1880s and played at 78rpm
and they were produced through the 1950s until 33.3 rpm
LP and 45rpm Records edged them out.

billy taylor trio who can
Since LPs and 45s tend to sell best for us at
What Cheer, 78s tend to take us longer to price and
add to our inventory, but over time we will have
a very large inventory available, as we
have been buying them for years.

Joe Thomas Boobs Side A Label
What Cheer sells 78s online in a Discogs Store
which you can see by clicking here but note that we
have only a fraction of our 78 stock listed. if there’s
something you’re looking for, let us know by
messaging through Discogs or you can
email us at whatcheerio@gmail.com

What Cheer Sells 78rpm 78 78s Records Online at Discogs!

What Cheer Sells 78s online in our 78rpm Discogs Store

California Ramblers Edison Label B BETTER
and while we at What Cheer are not the biggest fans
of eBay, we do often first list rarer 78s there first, so you may
may want to occasionally check our listings there for
our freshest offerings. click here for ’em.


Blue Note is one of the most sought after labels
of all time. before releasing LPs, the label first released
jazz on 78rpm records. What Cheer has listed a fairly
large collection of Blue Note 78s in our Discogs Store.
here’s what we’ve listed. click on the label images
to go to our listings — if the records are still
available, the listing will be active.

(more to come…)


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