over the years we’ve sought out records by artists
from our home state of Rhode Island. some are new releases
and some are from yesteryear. as we list releases for sale,
we’ll share them here as well. click on any picture of the
records you’re interested in and it’ll take you to
our online listing (unless it’s since been sold).

Bill Harley 50 Ways To Fool Your Mother 1986 Rhode Island Local Release Lp

Bill Harley ’50 Ways To Fool Your Mother’ 1986 Rhode Island LP

there is so much good music coming out of Rhode Island these days!
the Providence music scene should be really proud of bands like Death Vessel
Roz Raskin + The Rice Cakes and Arc Iris who have all released
excellent new albums that have quickly become What Cheer favorites.
get the following records on Vinyl LP Records at What Cheer?

get Death Vessel 'Island Intervals' on LP Vinyl at What Cheer in Providence

get Roz And The Rice Cakes Need To Feed Vinyl LP Album at What Cheer in Providence
get the self-titled Arc Iris album released by Anti- on vinyl LP records at What Cheer in Providence

the Providence music scene has always been great. because
we’re always buying records around here, we often stumble upon
local releases from yesteryear. the Young Adults were a popular
local band from the 1970s who released a single called
“Complex World” / “Beer” back in ’79 and this album
‘Helping Others’ when they’d reunited in the 1980s.
we’ve got a small stash of ORIGINAL LPs available at
What Cheer Records + Vintage and online.

the young adults helping others lp album

we’ve also come across LPs by different local college groups
like the ones above and below.  these sorts of vinyl LP record albums
were popular back in the golden age of vinyl, as it was affordable since
it was the preferred format back then. this grouping are all related
to Brown University and Pembroke College (Brown U’s
women’s school before Brown allowed gals). the two below are
kinda special because they both feature illustrated cover artwork
by the famous artist / illustrator David MaCaulay.

the Bruinaires of Brown University
the Brown University Bruinaires

the Brown-Pembroke Chorus on Tour in Englan LP Record with David MaCaulay Cover Artwork
Songs Of Brown University Vinyl LP Record with David MaCaualay Cover Artwork


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